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30. December 2013

As I stepped through the door, I welcomed the sudden change in the air from the freezing, brisk cold outside to the muggy heat inside. After entering the large house, I quickly found it hard to navigate around the mass of bodies surrounding me. Hundreds of people danced, covering the entirety of the house. I hastily made my way to the kitchen, gladly accepting the drink I was offered from a young boy behind the counter.

This is your first real party. You can do this. I silently thought to myself.

After finishing my first cup of an unknown, but definitely alcoholic beverage, I decide to get a refill and explore the house. Upon leaving the slightly less crowded kitchen, I am once again swarmed with bodies, dancing, laughing, and drunk. Feeling awkward and alone, I decide to find my way upstairs. After navigating my way through the sea of inebriated teenagers, I find the large wooden stairs, leading to the hopefully less crowded second floor of the mansion. After opening multiple doors and finding every room occupied by people, I decide to try the door at the end of the hallway. Opening it slowly, I find that it is empty. I immediately slide in the room, locking the door behind me.

“Why did I come here? My friends aren’t even here yet, I don’t know anyone, and I’m pretty sure I’m drinking horse piss.” I whisper to myself, feeling slightly buzzed from the unknown, disgusting substance in my cup. I pitifully slide down the wall, sitting with my knees against my chest. “See, you can’t even handle your alcohol. Add it to the list of things you can’t do right. Add ‘partying’ to that list, as well.”

After sitting in the dark room for a few minutes, I decide to turn on a light and wait in this room until my friends get to the house. When the light clicks on, I see that I have been somberly spending my time in a small guest bedroom. In the room there is a white painted wooden desk in which I have been sitting next to, a faded red chair in the corner of the room, overlooking the large backyard, now littered with adrenaline-seeking kids, a small bookshelf with lovely classic books, and a bed with…

“OH MY GOD!” I scream, “WHO IS THAT?!”

After noticing a person laying under the blankets on the bed across the room from me, I immediately screamed, jumping up and grabbing the lamp off the desk for protection. It didn’t take long to decipher that the person was asleep, but it had still terrified me. As a result of my childish screaming, the person, who I can now see is a boy, slowly woke up. Putting a hand to his hand, he rolled over to face me, squinting his eyes shut at the apparently painful life. When he saw me, his eyes opened more, a small smirk appearing on his face.

“What’s happenin’ lil’ mama?” He winks and smiles, obviously proud of his forward, slurred words.

“I’m just… I’m just going to go…” I make my way to the door, but before I can turn the knob and leave, I feel a hand grab my wrist. It wasn’t forceful like you would think from an intoxicated, flirty teenager; it was a surprisingly kind gesture. I turn around to look at him. He’s a tall boy with large shoulders and majorly quaffed hair. Almost too quaffed. I also notice that he has a lip ring, and the way he’s playing with it makes my stomach clench.

“Don’t I get a kiss before you leave?” Never mind, he’s just another intoxicated, flirty teenage boy.

“I don’t even know you. So no.” I firmly state before leaving the door.  

While walking down the hallway, I check my phone and see two missed calls from my friends that were supposed to meet me here tonight. I call them back while making my way to the stairs, prepared to meet them downstairs.

“Hey, where are you guys?” I ask, annoyed at their tardiness. If they had been here, I wouldn’t have drunk two cups of this grossness, and I wouldn’t have been stuck in a room with what could be a potential rapist.

“Hey girl! We’re here! Where are you?! This party’s insane, man.” Mary Clare screams into the phone. “MEL! Girl, you’ve gotta get here! This place is crazy!” Tara shouts after Mary Clare.

“Ha, I’m already here. I’m on my way downstairs, see you in a bit.” I inform them, ending the call and peeking over the crowd to spot them.


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